Library Rules

  • Entry to the library is restricted to the bonafide members on production of valid Identity Card / Library Card
  • Students should maintain silence in the library
  • The library material included books, magazines, journals, and equipment should be handled with almost care.
  • The library reserve the right to search any personal item and does not accept liability for loss or damage to them
  • Users / Readers belongings should be kept on the rack.
  • Students / Readers shall not write on or damage the book and journals. Before leaving the counter borrower must satisfy himself / herself that the book sent is in good condition and if not must immediately bring the matter to the notice of the concerned staff, he/she is required to replace such damaged or lost book by new copy. In case this is not possible due to such book being out of print the member will be required to pay the prevailing cost of the book with additional change as determined by the Librarian subject to a maximum of 100% of the prevailing cost of the book.
  • The date on which the book must be returned is stamped on the slip affixed to the book and student delaying the return is fined Re 1/- per day.
  • Students must inspect the book at the time of borrowing and make sure that they are complete and undamaged. At the time of issue if any damage is noticed, a student should inform the library staff. Any damage detected at the time of return of the book will be the responsibility of the student and will have to pay the penalty as well as the appropriate cost of the book or replace the book.
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