Ph. D Awarded and Supervised

Year Scholar Name Thesis
2007 M.C.Sasikumar GIS based groundwater modeling study to assess the effect of artificial recharge in kodaganar sub-watershed
2009 V. Revathi Studies on the Properties of high volume fly ash gypsum slurry with quarry waste and its use in pavement base course
2010 E.Sarojini Anaerobic digestion of infectious biomedical waste with effective pretreatment techniques
2013 S. Shanmugasundharam Study on strength and durability aspects of fly ash aggregate concrete
2013 K. Siva Lingam Experimental study on strength and durability with theoretical modeling of high volume fly ash concrete using mathematical and ANN tools in brackish water environment
2014 K. Akil Performance Study on Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactors for Methane and Hydrogen Production from Distillery Wastewater
2017 K. Radhika Investigation of the properties of sugarcane bagasse ash concrete with  silica fume as admixture and an assessment of its performance in hollow concrete blocks
2017 S.Jothi Venkataraman A Performance study of microbial fuel cell using  tannery wastewater along with microbial cultures of E.Coli and Shewanella putrefaciens as feed


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