Ministerial Staff

Picture Name Department Earned Degree/Diploma Current Designation Phone Number Email (Official Preferred)
Mr. C.Shunmuga Thiraviam Technical Education D.M.E, B.A Personal Assistant To Principal 9944629975 shunmugathiraviam@gmail.com
Manuel Prakash's picture
Mr. A. Manuel Prakash Technical Education B.A, B.LIT BURSAR 9944920338
Saravanan's picture
Mr. R. Saravanan Technical Education M.A Superintendent 9245249428
Velulakshimi's picture
Mrs. G.Velulakshimi Technical Education B.COM Superintendent 8754956566
Vinitha's picture
Mrs.C.Vinitha Technical Education B.E ECE Assistant 7540038252 vinithaece8@gmail.com
Thanalakshimi's picture
Mrs.S.Thanalakshimi Technical Education B.A ECONOMICS Junior Assistant 9442227932
Elizabeth's picture
Selvi. D.Elizabeth Technical Education B.A.B.L Junior Assistant 8608138463
Anbu's picture
Mr.G. Anbu Technical Education Junior Assistant 9500271587
Prakash's picture
Mr.A.S .Prakash Technical Education B. A History Junior Assistant(On Deputation from Annamalai University) 9944116194 dayas2018@gmail.com
Chandran's picture
Mr.L.Chandran Technical Education B.B.A Junior Assistant 9791401200 rdc.chandran93@gmail.com


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