Ministerial Staff

Picture Name Department Earned Degree/Diploma Current Designation Phone Number Email (Official Preferred)
Mr. C.Shunmuga Thiraviam Technical Education D.M.E, B.A Personal Assistant To Principal 9944629975 shunmugathiraviam@gmail.com
Saravanan's picture
Mr. R. Saravanan Technical Education M.A Superintendent 9245249428
Velulakshimi's picture
Mrs. G.Velulakshimi Technical Education B.COM Superintendent 8754956566
Vinitha's picture
Mrs.C.Vinitha Technical Education B.E ECE Assistant 7540038252 vinithaece8@gmail.com
Elizabeth's picture
Selvi. D.Elizabeth Technical Education B.A.B.L Junior Assistant 8608138463
Anbu's picture
Mr.G. Anbu Technical Education Junior Assistant 9500271587
Prakash's picture
Mr.A.S .Prakash Technical Education B. A History Junior Assistant(On Deputation from Annamalai University) 9944116194 dayas2018@gmail.com
Chandran's picture
Mr.L.Chandran Technical Education B.B.A Junior Assistant 9791401200 rdc.chandran93@gmail.com
Sekar's picture
Mr.S.Sekar Technical Education B.E MECH Junior Assistant 9894631584
Ganesan's picture
Mr.R.Ganesan Technical Education Junior Assistant 6381194638 rganesan0902@gmail.com
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