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Every programme consists General Core courses includes Mathematics, Engineering Sciences, Humanities etc., Core courses of Engineering under various disciplines, and Elective courses for specialization in related fields. In addition, it adds Industrial Training, Seminar Presentation, Educational tours and camps and NCC/NSS/NSO activities for character development.
Course Duration
The duration of the BE degree course is 4 years which is normally consists of 8 semesters for regular completion of course. But in any case not more than 14 semesters for HSC candidates and not more than 12 semesters for Lateral entry Diploma candidates. Each semester consist of 90 working days or 450 hours.
Students are required to be regular in their attendance. A minimum of 75% attendance is necessary both Theory Courses and Practical Courses, in each semester, to enable them to write their Anna University Examinations and failure of which is not entitled to appear in University examinations. In case of sickness Medical Certificate shall be furnished from Registered Medical practitioner. No student shall abstain himself from classes without obtaining prior sanction for leave from the concerned faculty adviser. Attendance is compulsory on both the reopening and closing days of every semester. Bridging any holiday with the adjoining working day is strictly prohibited.
Faculty Advisor
To help the students in their course of study, a faculty adviser will advise the students and monitor the attendance and progress of the students under his/her control and counsel them periodically. If necessary, the faculty adviser may also discuss with or inform the parents about the progress of the students.
Dress Code
1. Both boys and girls should wear any decent dress appropriate for an educational institution.
2. Jeans pants and T shirts are prohibited.
General Rules
  • Students should compulsorily wear their I.D card inside the college campus.

  • Students should behave with decorum and use only courteous.

  • Students are instructed not to bring any valuable items to the college.

  • Using MOBILE / CAMERA inside the college campus is strictly prohibited.

  • Students shall avoid using any insulting, inciting, threatening language when talking with fellow students and should totally avoid violence.

  • Students shall not talk or act in any manner outside the institutions in a way that would bring disrepute to the institutions.

  • Students shall come clean, tidy and smartly dressed.

  • They shall be regular and punctual in attending classes and all activities connected with the college.

  • Students should maintain perfect order and strict silence inside the lecture/drawing halls/ labs/ workshop at all times.

  • No student is permitted to leave the class room during class hours.

  • Students should not leave the class or attend it late under the pretext of paying fees or taking books from libraries. Time fixed for such purposes during working hours must be strictly followed.

  • Students are expected to read notices/circulars displayed on the college notice board. Ignorance of not reading any notice/circular thus displayed shall not be accepted as an excuse failing to comply with the directions contained in it.

  • Spitting, smoking and throwing bits of paper inside the college campus are must be avoided.

  • Spitting, smoking and throwing bits of paper inside the college campus are must be avoided.

  • Students are prohibited from damaging the building or furniture in any way. The cost of any damage so caused will be recovered from the students collectively if the responsibility for it cannot be fixed on any individual or group of individuals.

  • Students are strictly forbidden from engaging themselves in any political or other movement.

  • Help to maintain the beauty, serenity and greenery of the campus.

  • Pasting of wall posters, writing on walls and roads are prohibited.

  • Students are expected to take care of their belongings.