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The Principal of this College is designated as Warden will supervises and controls the students residing in the Institute’s Hostel. There are two separate hostels for Boys and Girls. The boy’s hostel is 1Km away from the College campus and girl’s hostel is situated inside College campus. The administration of the hostel is looked after by the deputy wardens, and the individual responsibilities will be notified at the appropriate time to the Warden. Admission to the hostel is strictly subject to this condition. Hostel Rules may change from time to time. Hostel administration has the right to change the rules, if required. Parents and guardians of the Hostel Residents are most welcome to discuss the progress and behavior of hostlers with the wardens. Cooperation of parents and guardian in this regards is solicited.
  • Any action which interferes with studies must be avoided at all times.

  • No student residing in the hostel shall engage himself in undesirable activities such as ragging which disturb the peace in the hostel.

  • Resident students are not allowed to enter each other’s rooms without the express permission of the occupants.

  • Students are requested to avoid singing aloud, shouting and all kinds of noise likely to distract the attention of those who may be at their books.

  • Sound system, Radio, Tape Recorders, Intoxicants etc are not allowed to be used in the hostel.

  • All residents’ students must be back in the hostel by 9.00p.m at the latest. Every resident must be present in his room by 9:30p.m A roll call may be taken by the warden at any time after this and absence from the room or hostel will be required to be accounted for.

  • No resident shall leave the station or stay away from his room during the night, except with the written permission of the warden. Any one who wishes to return to his room later than 9.p.m. should apply in writing to the warden, stating reasons for the same, and the time at which he expects to return?

  • If any student wishes to leave the station temporarily or otherwise, he should apply to the warden in writing, stating the date and time of his departure and return, and also the place to which he is going. He should give the postal address during his absence the hostel.

  • Personal belongings of students proceeding on vacation may be left behind in the hostel till their return. All such articles must be packed and labeled properly and entrusted to the hostel caretaker for safe custody, with their inventor.

  • All visitors and non-residents must leave the hostel premises by 9p.m. as outsiders are not allowed to remain in the hostel during the night, except with the previous permission of the warden.

  • All visitors and friends shall be received in the common room or in the mess as far as possible.

  • Unauthorized outsiders or strangers are not permitted to visit the hostel at any time in the day or night. Such persons as hawkers etc., if they desire to visit the hostel, must apply in writing to the warden for the issue of passes authorizing them to enter the hostel premises.

  • If unknown visitors are found moving about in the hostel premises without a pass, they will be handed over to the police.


All cases of sickness with absence from the class must be immediately to the warden. They will be referred to the nursing home which will be intimated in course of time.