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Hostel Rules

The hostel authorities do not hold themselves responsible for any loss of private property by students residing in the hostel
Students are advised in their own interest not to keep money and other valuables in their rooms.
Students must provide themselves with their own locks for the rooms in the hostel and for the lockers that are provided for them.
They shall not lock up their rooms when they leave the hostel during the ‘institute’s vacation’. The warden may order the breaking open of any unauthorized lock during the vacation. If that, becomes necessary.
Any damage to hostel property including like defacing of walls, fixtures or furniture will be made good at the expense of the occupants of the room. Willful damage to hostel property will be deemed to be a breach of hostel discipline and will be dealt with by a fine or such other punishment as the warden may decide.
  • The hostel rent paid by a student covers rent for the room, furniture, bed, light and fans.

  • Charges for electricity, water, establishment, etc., will be collected separately as establishment charges.

  • The hostel deposit should be paid at the time of admission to the hostel. The above advance will be finally adjusted only at the end of the course or when the student leaves the institution.

  • Mess charges of every month will be adjusted from the mess advance collected at the time of admission to the hostel. Any short fall in this amount will be intimated to the concerned student whenever it occurs and to be paid but the students within seven days of intimation.

  • Mess charges of every month will be paid at the beginning of each semester.

Use of extra lamp or ay domestic electrical appliances is not permitted. No radio, either transistor or valve set, stereo system, electric iron or geyser is permitted in the rooms of the hostel. Any private electric appliance found in any of the rooms will be confiscated. Infringement of these rules will be severely dealt with. Students must bring to the notice of the warden all failures and breakdowns in the electric supply. They should not themselves attempt to repair the defects in the mains or in the distribution system. When leaving the rooms, the occupants must take care to see that the lights and fans are switched off. Every effort must be made to economize the use of lights.